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I travel around the world and write about my travels. I make interviews with bright people of Russian business. My articles are published in the best Russian media titles.

I help to be known and famous to those people and businesses who make important projects with social impact. I prefer to work for big players of economics of good.

Healthy lifestyle tips
I run, swim and could sleep in a split. My seven thousand FB subscribers follow my advice where to practice yoga and try acupuncture, which spa to go to get slimmer and which mountain to choose for meditation.
Анна Карабаш
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I work in journalism for more than twenty years - I started in VOGUE team while studying at Lomonosov Moscow State University. Then was a long and happy period of working in then most important lifestyle magasin «Domovoy» (Kommersant Publishing House). After that there had been three years in Harper's Bazaar and for three years after I was working as a chief editor of a healthy lifestyle in media project «Snob». Now it's more like a hobby - I write for Tatler, Forbes and other publishing houses.
My PR clients
For the past seven years of my PR career I have been working with small projects and big corporations. I started with launching club office Cabinet Lounge. I create communication strategies, events, I prepare for broadcasts and interviews, I write releases, columns and quotes with my own hands and voice, I work with contractors on events and SMM in Russia, Europe and Asia. I do not undertake to clear the spoiled reputation.
Хотите попасть в Financial Times? Было бы с чем! Анна Карабаш поможет.
Want to be spotted in Financial Times? It's possible, if you have a bright news
The largest Russian network of private pensions for the elderly. PR-director, January 2018 - to the present. During my work with the Senior Group and its CEO Alexei Sidnev, we have done a lot already, such as an article for Meduza online portal on a variety of questions about nursing homes. With my support, Sidnev did a great interview for the e-magazine "The Secret of the company" on how he became a pioneer of the "silver economy" in Russia. I have also organised his speech at the TEDxMoscow conference in August 2018. While Alexey has a long history of public speeches, TED school brought him to a new level of public communication skills by his own admission.
Culinary start up center Mabius 2015-2017. I created content to promote the site of this project, personal PR and created a personal site of Ivan Sidork, founder of Mabius and co-owner of NMGK (mayonnaise market leader). I organised events and lectures with food start-upers, organised and supported Mabius introduction at the Russian pavilion at the World Food Expo Expo 2015. I coordinated articles in federal business media, including RBC, Forbes, Secret of the Company, GQ and Afisha magazines.
Non-profit school for gifted children from all over Russia - recruit campaign for the competition for enrollment to "Letovo", autumn 2017. Educational charity project of businessman Vadim Moshkovich (No. 43 on the Russian Forbes list) is the owner of Rusagro and Level Group. I created a PR-strategy, managed external communications, coordinated PR contracting agencies, audited social networks, worked with the first person within "Letovo". I am especially proud of the cover with Moshkovich and the text about his project "Letovo" in the magazine "Popular Mechanics" and the article about the school in Bloomberg.
Olga Fleur's social startup was initially set up as a joke, but became an «Uber» for many charitable foundations thereafter. This is an online auction, and the "item up for bid" is a meeting with an interesting public figure. The highest bidder sends his money to one of the charitable foundations, which MFC works with and then meets the «auction» person. In 2017 I was invited to help with project scaling as a PR manager, I was engaged with the copyright in Marie Claire and Tatler articles, responsible for "Svoy Biznes" and "Vedomosti" publications. Olga's mother said that my Tatler article was the best thing ever written about her daughter, keeping in mind, that our parents are always out biggest critics.
Pop-up Club Door 19 (March-April 2014). PR-director of the urban project ArtKvartal and personal PR of the project's developer Andrei Grinev. The Grinev's team decided to explain their plans to build Soho in Moscow at the pop-up club Door 19: it is easier to convey innovative ideas to people with food and among art objects. Every evening at Door 19, young star chefs from all over the world created dinners. The club lived only a month and a half, but became an information bomb: there were more than 100 publications in key Russian media and TV stories, as well as a great article about the project in the Financial Times and The Guardian Sunday application. The total audience coverage of the project due to the PR campaign was <18 million people, the media-value index for key publications was <26 million rubles, spent on PR was> 3.4% of this amount.
I live in Moscow, I ride bike to the meetings and I wear heels to the conferences. I work with big ideas and a good budget.
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